Fair Play Quartet

Fair Play Quartet

Ort Dresden, Veränderbar
Klassisches Quartett aus Warschau

The members of the quartet are all graduates of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and are employed by, or cooperate with, the Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus on a daily basis.

Polnisches Institut Leipzig

The original members began their activities in 2007 with the recording of music for the film „Jutro idziemy do kina” (Tomorrow we’re going to the movies) by Michał Kwieciński.

Fair play Quartet took part in the TV series Przebojowa Noc (Hit Night) and Złota Sobota (Golden Saturday) which were aired live on TVP1, resulting in studio recordings of 80 songs. The quartet also cooperates with Robert Janowski in the program Jaka To Melodia (Name that tune) and also during concerts promoting his album Song.pl.

In 2008 Agora published Nawet gdy wichura (book, CD and DVD), a concert by Ewa Błaszczyk, which Fair Play Quartet contributed to.

In 2009, in cooperation with Janusz Radek, a CD entitled Dziwny Ten Świat – opowieść Niemenem (This world is strange – stories with Niemen) was born and accompanied by a series of promotional concerts around Poland.

Fair Play Quartet cooperate with Tomek Filipczak, Darek Janus, Robert Amirian, Janusz Stokłosa and TVP on a regular basis and are respected session musicians.

Fair Play Quartet have contributed to albums by Halina Mlynkova, Kari Amirian, Grażyna Łobaszewska and Janusz Radek.

The group has been invited to play at a number of ceremonies hosted by the President and his wife – Bronisław and Anna Komorowski, including the visit of the Swedish Royal couple, the Emir of Qatar, the President of Turkey and a meeting of the EU’s first ladies.

Fair Play Quartet has had the honour of playing at the Festival of Eastern European Music in the capital of Qatar, Doha. The group also played a recital at the Vilnius Picture Gallery, organised by the Polish Institute in Vilnius as part of the „Salonik Muzyczny” (Music Parlour) events as well as many other concerts home and abroad.

The part of 2nd Violin was taken by Justyna Milkiewicz in May 2012.

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