Moonlight Breakfast

Moonlight Breakfast

Ort Dresden, Groovestation
Swing, Chanson, Elektro aus Frankreich
Danach tanzen mit mit Les Chats Nuits

An urban rough style mix of Soul, Electro, Beat, Retro and Swing – this is the sound of Moonlight Breakfast. They met in Bucharest: Christie, the singer with a striking extraordinary voice, who had to be argued into singing first, and Bazooka, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, who studied the clarinet at The Bucharest Conservatory. In the meantime they are married and their kid loves to stroll curiously on stage from time to time. Joined by Adita, keyboarder and guitar player, actor and talented equestrian and Printzu, who gave up his studies of theology to play the bass. Moonlight Breakfast did exactly five rehearsals before their first concert. And we are not speaking of an underground club location. They were the opening act of Jamiroquai, playing in front of a crowd of 35.000 at the Black Sea Coast. Thanks to their intoxicating performance they passed their baptism of fire with flying colours and since then, they are performing their worldwide concerts with a playful easiness. They opened for Hurts and Macy Gray, they got voted „Best Band“ by Elle Magazine in Romania and they played The Closing Ceremony at the winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Almost 2 million people watched their videos on YouTube before they even had an official release. Just the right time for Moonlight Breakfast to finish their album „Shout“ which puts all their influences in a nutshell. Produced and mixed by band member Bazooka, the 13 songs of this debut album show a special style mix. „Hello“ opens with a pushing voodoo beat and Christie’s question „Hello! Do you wanna know my name?“ Whereas „Still“ is a weird disco song with a fairylike soul voice. Here, Billie Holiday meets Bananarama and Les Rita Mitsouko for a few drinks and some cool moves. In „Play“ Moonlight Breakfast unite Pop, Disco, Swing and Gypsy Jazz together with a catchy clarinet solo. The first single „My Baby“ is about believing in yourself and the beautiful things in life, above all when these are not always realized at first sight. There is merely a way a band can dance more charmingly from its home country into the big wide world.

Tickets VVK 6 EUR, AK 8 EUR



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