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Love’n’Joy & Father Midnight

9. Oktober 2019 um 21:00 23:00

Love’n’Joy – A band of young musicians from Ukraine that combine indie rock with intelligent pop and psychedelic sounds from 1970s. The band’s concept, largely based on guitars, is their trademark. Their music contains discernible sentiment towards the music icons of the hippie movement, such as Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin but they also express the spirit of a new, resurgent Ukrainian rock music. The band have released EP and a singles collection. Today Love’n’Joy play a lot of concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech and France. Finally, after long studio work, guys are ready to represent their first full album.

Father Midnight – Finding the sweet spot between garage, psyche and grunge, Berlin-based band hopped into the limelight back in August 2015 with their eponymous first EP. Taking up the punk gauntlet, this three-piece band is DIY all the way; writing, producing and financing all their own musical and promotional material. Bubbling with high-energy virtuosity, this band bursts through the fourth wall into our collective guilty conscience with “My Mouth is Always Hungry”: a track so wrapped up in fun it belies the underbelly of Western culture. Opening live shows for bands such as The Murlocs, Guantanamo Baywatch and Paint Fumes, Father Midnight give a saucy wink to Marc Bolan’s falsetto fuck groove, as they lure the audience into a dance floor boogie that just won’t let their feet behave. By 2018 Father Midnight had found their stride, releasing two EPs, “Father Midnight Lost His Shit” and “Father Midnight Had It Coming” back-to-back, followed by a split album with fellow Berliners RYL in July 2018.  

€10 – €15

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