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Middlemist Red

24. Oktober 2019 um 21:00 23:00

Middlemist Red​, Hungary’s most promising psychedelic rock band, gives you the atmospheric soundscape of rock showing respect to its ascendants with nostalgia while giving it a new elucidation in a 21st century context. The foursome formed in 2012, soon they had a great impulse on the music scene of Budapest, Hungary as well as significant international acknowledgement.

Between the first (​Supersonic Overdrive,​ 2014) ​and second ​(Ripple Soul, 2016) ​LPs Middlemist Red has shown its talent all around Europe. The new tracks won’t leave you without an impression, the mindset has matured, the sounds became more consequent and fulfilled, meanwhile what the soundscape explores is astonishing.

That, since they had an eventful year in 2017. First, after a spring European tour, and the summer festival season, they’ve released ​Ripple Soul Remixed that represents all Hungary’s best producers, some of them already recognized across Europe. Then they have organized a psych themed festival, the first in Central-Eastern-Europe called ​Vanishing Point​.

Thirdly, at the same time, lead vocalist ​Soma Nóvé​, with some classmates from Moholy Nagy University of Arts and Design, created an animated video, that resonates with all existing Ripple Soul visuals. This video isn’t an assignment, the university only provided the tools and the place where ​Domonkos Erhardt, Bálint Halasi, Damjan Lazin, Luca Módyés Mikeás Pham Van Quan ​created it. ​The clip to capture the mixture of a platonic romance, as the hero tries to reach it again and again, emphasized by the loops following one another.

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